July 4, 2022
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Public.com Complete App Review

Today’s public.com investment review apps are considered fee-free apps that allow everyone to access investments by allowing them to invest in key stock positions.

Anyone in the public can afford to own a conglomerate no matter how difficult you may have to start.

All aspects of the public are explored, including networking through social communities and discovering stocks through a variety of investment topics. If you are a new user of the public application, here’s how to get free artwork when you register.

Check out our public app reviews below to see how they compare to today’s leading investment apps.

Key Takeaways

  • 100% commission-free stock trading schedule.
  • Invest in thousands of stocks and ETFs under $1 (equity deficit)
  • Community level allows you to follow and connect with friends and community experts.
  • Discover investments through our general portfolio of industry experts.
  • Explore hundreds of innovative stocks on a variety of public investment topics

What is Public.com

Public is a commission-free stock trading app with a mission of making investing accessible to everyone. Available on both iOS and Android devices, the Public app excels at slicing stocks into “tiny bits” so everyone can afford to own a piece of any public company.

Commission-free stock trading means that there are absolutely zero fees or commissions to buy and sell stocks nor are there any monthly account maintenance fees.

Previously known as the Matador investing app, Public relaunched in September of 2019 with a new name and a revamped user-friendly experience.

And while there are already some popular commission-free stock trading apps such as the Robinhood app and the Webull app, the unique thing about Public is that they allow you invest in fractional shares of stocks, or what they call “slices.” (More on this further below).


The public currently offers access to thousands of individual stocks and ETFs in the United States that can be traded or invested. They currently do not support investment trusts or bonds.

For stock dividends, the dividend is automatically credited to each user’s cash account in the public app. However, users can request / activate automatic dividend reinvestment at any time.

Minimum Account

Here, too, the public mandate is to make investments accessible to all. Not only can you invest in small stocks, but you don’t have to have a minimum investment to get started.

Getting Started

What I liked about starting public account was that it was a very seamless registration process. Within minutes, you will have full access to open an account and start browsing the app, and instant access to transactions with funds you have just deposited from your bank.

Note: If you deposit funds to invest in a public account, it may take a few business days for the transaction to be officially submitted, but you can trade those funds immediately. Many investment brokers will not allow you to invest your money until the bank transfer is complete

Is Investing on Public Safe?

As a member of the general SIPC (Securities Investor Assistance Company), SIPC is insured against brokerage failures. Securities on member accounts are protected for up to $500,000, including up to $250,000 in cash. For more information, visit www.sipc.org

SIPC is investor support for insurance investment brokers. Now, unlike bank FDIC insurance, SIPC does not protect your securities from depreciation. Investing in the stock market is subject to fluctuations in the market price. However, SIPC protects against the loss of cash and securities – such as stocks and bonds – held by a client with a financially troubled SIPC member brokerage firm. SIPC assists clients in recovering their securities and cash in their accounts at the outset of a potential brokerage firm liquidation.


  • By investing in stocks, even new investors can invest in large companies.
  • Not only can you invest in these fractional stocks at no charge, but if you don’t know where to start, you can always explore some of their different investment themes or follow your friends’ public profiles for inspiration. can do.
  • In addition, the app is very user-friendly. It may seem simple at first glance, but this clean design makes the app comfortable to use.
  • Public is probably the most social investing app I’ve ever come across. While it’s still early in its development, Public definitely gives you a sense of community by being able to follow and share your trades with friends.
  • If the community is something you value, then the Public app may be an ideal option for you.
  • There are no trading fees or surprise commissions.
  • When buying full shares you gain access to a couple of advanced order types – market orders, limit orders, and stop orders (these help you automate your trades). You get 2.5% APY on uninvested cash, which is better than most investment brokers today.


  • Public provides basic charts and data for all stocks but does not provide more advanced charts, analysis and data to assist advanced stock traders.
  • If you’re interested in fee-free stock trading with access to advanced data and charts, we recommend considering the Webull app.
  • Public investment accounts have a very clean and user-friendly interface. However, it currently doesn’t offer access to additional features found in similar investment accounts, such as: B. mobile bank check accounts, debit cards and optional severance accounts.
  • If you want to invest in an app that also offers a mobile bank account, you can compare Public to Acorns and Stash.

Investing Theme

If you’re new to investing and are not sure where to start, the Public app provides several different themes of stocks for you to explore.

Some examples of investing themes on their platform include:

  • Tech Giants – the most influential and powerful tech companies
  • Slices – stocks that can be purchased in any quantity
  • Most Popular – Most held stocks in the public community
  • Real Estate – A company that builds houses, develops buildings, and manages assets.
  • Software + Cyber ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​—a leader in software and cybersecurity
  • Retail – Companies that own and operate well-known brands


If you’re looking to get started with trading stocks, Public’s stock slices, commission-free trading, and high-interest APY cash account make it an appealing option for many.

Through their social community aspect you can easily follow and connect with experts in the community. In addition, Public can help you discover investments through both industry experts’ public portfolios as well as Public’s several investing themes.

Whether you are a new investor or are simply looking for a new investment brokerage with a user-friendly mobile app, you may want to consider the Public investing app.

If you’d like to try out the Public app you can join here.

Or feel free to see how Public compares to today’s other top investing apps here.

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