October 3, 2022

Eyowo: Features, Dollar Card And A Complete Overview

Technology has given us more practical ways to do tasks at a time when we use our smartphones more frequently than ever before. Even in the financial sector, technology controls most operations. Numerous fintech applications have emerged and are prospering in Nigeria throughout the years. A member of them is Eyowo. You can carry out a variety of transactions using the multifunctional finance app. In this article, we review Eyowo and look at its features.

About Eyowo

Eyowo was developed by Softcom Ltd. to offer users a comprehensive banking solution. Eyowo comes with many features out of the box, unlike other fintech businesses that only offer a limited number of banking functions.

You can quickly and conveniently conduct money transactions using your phone number with Eyowo. It makes the banking procedure seamless because you have the most of what you’ll need in Eyowo without switching between apps or services.

Your mobile phone can now provide you with financial services with just the Eyowo app loaded on it. The app provides a variety of banking functions, including account funding, money transfers, buying airtime and data, saving money, and borrowing money.

Features of Eyowo App

Eyowo comes with a ton of features, as we said before. Among them are:

  1. Send cash
    You can send money to anyone with a phone number with Eyowo. Bank accounts are included because Eyowo also lets you send money to them.
  2. Purchase Minutes/Pay Bills
    Paying bills just became simpler with Eyowo. You can purchase airtime, pay for internet subscriptions, and pay electricity bills with Eyowo.
  3. Reduce costs
    Make savings using the Eyowo app. You can choose to save interest-free with Eyowo or get paid interest on your money.
  4. Pay Suppliers
    You can pay suppliers with Eyowo as well. You can do this by scanning QR codes or via the standard transfer route.
  1. Take money out of ATMs
    You can use Eyowo’s provided code to access an ATM without a card.
  2. Make virtual playing cards
    You can make virtual cards using Eyowa. You can generate virtual cards in Naira and dollars with Eyowo.
  3. Order loans
    On the Eyowo app, loans are offered. Eyowo can permit you to borrow if you so desire. Overdraft is another name for the feature.

Eyowo Money Saving Tips

Eyowo makes it simple to save on its platform. This is how:

  1. Start the Eyowo app, then sign into your account.
  1. On the home page, click Save, then click Create Safe.
  2. You’ll be directed to another page where you’ll be prompted with the following questions: What are you saving for? Create a special safe? develop my funds, get an automobile, travel for pleasure, Fund my wedding and my rent.
  3. Select one of the choices to be directed to a new page where Eyowo will prompt you to select a plan.

The plans available on Eyowo are as follows:

a. Fixed Savings with an annual interest rate of 5–13%.

b. An annual interest rate of 11% on recurring savings.

d. The 5% annual interest-bearing Flex Savings account.

  1. After choosing one of the alternatives, choose the type of interest you wish to pay, the time frame, and the method of payment.
  2. Pick an account to deposit money into your safe. Either your bank account or your Eyowo wallet are options.
  3. After reviewing everything on the previous page, click Save.

How to Get a Loan on Eyowo

You can borrow money through the Eyowo platform with no interest charges if you use it.

Your eligibility for a loan is determined by how frequently you use the app to conduct transactions.

On the Eyowo app, follow these steps to borrow money:

  1. After logging in, click the More button in the lower right corner of the home screen.
  2. Click Borrow Funds (No interest).

Your eligibility will be revealed on the following page.


You can access almost all of the financial features found in other fintech apps with a multipurpose app like Eyowo. There is no need to switch between various apps. We hope this post was useful to you. Please leave a remark and don’t forget to share if you did.

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