October 3, 2022
Best Virtual Dollar Cards

Best Virtual Dollar Cards

It can be convenient to use a Nigerian debit or credit card to make online purchases, but if your card was issued in naira, it might be challenging to use it for transactions with foreign service providers like Amazon, Google, Facebook, Netflix, or Spotify. Either these platforms won’t accept your card, or your bank may have set a limit of $100 per month for international transactions.

Virtual dollar cards can help with that. These cards are only available through an app, so you can’t use them for in-person purchases, but they work great for online purchases. They are also far simpler to obtain than a physical dollar card because they have no physical counterpart, and you don’t have to wait for them to arrive by mail. Typically, they function as prepaid cards that must be loaded from a card or account that has naira. In addition to a tiny monthly cost, you might have to pay a fee when topping them up, but you won’t be subject to international transaction fees, which can be as high as 15%, depending on the issuer of your naira card.

We’ve compiled a list of the top virtual dollar cards for Nigerians wishing to make international online purchases, along with a few choices for virtual naira cards if you’re only interested in the ease of a virtual card for local transactions.

The Best Virtual Dollar Cards in Nigeria for 2022

Changera virtual dollar card

Bitmama, a highly secure and expanding cryptocurrency platform, is the owner of Changera. The site allows users to send and receive money worldwide, purchase airtime or data, and pay their bills remotely.

Depending on the customer’s preference, this platform can be funded through bank transfers or cryptocurrency wallets. The providers of the changera virtual dollar card also let you create several virtual cards for use in various transactions, and it supports an unlimited number of transactions.

Customers can spend up to $50 per month on foreign transactions using naira debit cards, depending on their bank’s spending cap, and up to $10,000 using the company’s virtual card without any exchange restrictions.

ALAT Virtual Dollar Card

The first totally digital bank in Nigeria, ALAT by Wema Bank was introduced in May 2017 and allows customers to do financial transactions online without ever having to visit a physical branch. A bank was desperately needed by today’s digital customers, therefore ALAT was created to meet their needs.

The platform is diversified for carrying out instant short loans, a virtual dollar converter card, bills and payment scheduling services, and a lifestyle shop where customers can buy entertainment such as movies and event tickets through its app. ALAT is known for its comprehensive banking package. It offers the best virtual dollar card in Nigeria.

Once your account is established and funded, you are able to directly fund your card with up to $20,000 in Naira and convert the money back into Naira. However, it is incompatible with 3D Secure and cannot be used on websites that facilitate money transfers.

Barter by Flutterwave Virtual Dollar Card

The Barter app, developed by Nigerian payment firm Flutterwave, enables you to send and receive money instantaneously. Barter lets you send and receive money internationally, but you can also fund it with money from your bank account, credit card, or mobile money account to use it as a digital wallet. With a few restrictions, such as purchases of cryptocurrencies, online trading, betting websites, or money transfer services, you can establish a virtual dollar card once you have money in your account and use it to make online payments on most websites. To establish a virtual card, you must have at least $5 in your account. Each virtual card costs $2, with a $1 monthly fee. You can put up to $10,000 in it.

ALAT Virtual Dollar Card

Wema Bank, a commercial bank operating in Nigeria, manages the digital-only brand ALAT. It provides a full range of financial services, including bank accounts, actual debit cards, savings accounts, loans, and, yes, one of Nigeria’s top virtual dollar cards. Once your account is established and funded, you can load up to $20,000 onto your card directly from your Naira balance and, if necessary, convert the dollars back to Naira. However, it is incompatible with 3D Secure and cannot be used on websites that facilitate money transfers.

Wallets Africa Virtual Dollar Card

A Nigerian business called Wallets Africa provides a digital wallet with both virtual and physical naira and dollar Visa cards issued by UBA, allowing you to do online transactions in other currencies, which is fantastic for traveling. This does come at a cost, though, since your card has a $1 monthly fee, a $0.75 fee for each international transaction, and a 2% fee for external account loading.

Eversend Virtual Dollar Card

Nigerians can open a multi-currency account with Eversend, an African firm with headquarters in Uganda. You can make a payment to your account using a credit or debit card, after which you can open a virtual dollar debit card to use for all online purchases. The card has a $1 creation fee, a $1 monthly fee, and a 2% currency conversion fee when you use it to make purchases.

Bitsika Virtual Visa Dollar Card

You can send and receive money using the naira, cedis, CFA francs, several cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin, and the Bitsika app, which is available in Nigeria and other French-speaking African nations. Then, with a hefty 8% fee, you may use a virtual Visa debit card to make purchases.

Fundall Virtual Dollar Card

A digital bank based in Nigeria called Fundall offers both personal and commercial customers a wide range of financial services, including loans and savings accounts in addition to bank accounts and budgeting tools. They just introduced a virtual dollar card that allows users to spend money online without restrictions. The first card is available for free with a $5 minimum load.

Mintyn Virtual Dollar Card

A digital bank based in Nigeria called Mintyn provides a wide range of banking services, including personal and business bank accounts, savings accounts, rapid loans, and mutual funds. For owners of Tier 3 accounts, they also offer an unlimited virtual dollar card that may be activated right away.

Cashbuddy virtual dollar card

CashBuddy virtual dollar cards in Nigeria operate on international platforms like Skrill, Amazon, Apple Music, Stripe, Binance, Facebook, Instagram, PayPal, Netteller, etc. They were founded by Mike Rosanje. You can accept payment for services done or pay for online services you purchase from any African nation using the CashBuddy virtual card.

To create a CashBuddy virtual dollar card, however, you must have at least $3 in your account. After that, you can use the card without paying any upfront or unexpected fees, but the platform can only load a total of $10,000 onto your virtual card each month.

Chipper cash visa virtual card

The virtual USD Visa card from Chipper Cash recently became live and functions online in the same way as your regular bank card. With this card, you may use your chipper cash wallet to pay for your online purchases and subscriptions on foreign platforms, book flights, and sign up for services like Netflix, Amazon, Shopify, Apple Music, Alibaba, Fashion Nova, and Shein.

But the dollar card offers a restricted promotion that lets you get 5% cashback on all eligible transactions. Additionally, there are no fees associated with using the card for overseas transactions, and it is accepted on all websites that accept Visa.

You are also not permitted to load more than $1000 into your virtual card each day or to withdraw more than $1000 each day.

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