October 3, 2022
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10 Best Online Bank App in Nigeria

If you pay close attention to online activities and tech industry news, you would have noticed that managing tasks that require physical presence is becoming much simpler. Are you seeking for simple and convenient digital banking options? I’ve provided a list of the top mobile banking apps for Android and iOS in Nigeria.

Digital banking has made everything easier, and I can’t tell you how amazing that is, especially in Nigeria where we often have hectic day-to-day schedules. We no longer need to visit the bank before we can truly open a bank account.

In today’s article on Bantng, I’ll be outlining the top mobile banking apps in Nigeria that you can use on your Android and iOS device to conduct banking transactions anywhere in the country.

List of the Best Online Bank Apps in Nigeria for Both iOS and Android

V by VFD

One of Nigeria’s most remarkable digital banks, V by VFD or VFD Microfinance Bank, makes banking today incredibly simple. After using this app for a while, I learned there are many benefits to using V by VFD. I had this app on my phone for a while but hadn’t used it until this month.

With V by VFD, opening a bank account is simple. You can also transfer and receive money without paying VAT, recharge your phone, pay for tuition, pay your power and TV bills, and do so much more with ease and no stress. One of the top digital bank apps in Nigeria, V by VFD has a pleasant user interface.


Another digital bank app I’m familiar with is Kuda Bank, and I can say that it’s been great so far. It enables users to save money and earn 15% interest on savings made with them in addition to making online payments from the comfort of their own home. In addition to being free and without charging for transactions, Kuda is also licensed by the CBN, safe, and secure.

Simply utilizing your BVN, you may open a Kuda bank account. You can also get a free debit card to use for online transactions and withdrawals. One of the top digital bank apps in Nigeria, Kuda is an excellent digital bank app.


A number of Wema Bank clients use ALAT, a digital bank that was released a while back, to pay bills, send and receive money whenever they want, and it has proven to be a stress-saving bank app so far. The features and services offered by ALAT are excellent.

On ALAT, you can open a free domiciliary account that will let you receive money in USD, EURO, and GBP as well as request USD, EURO, or GBP debit cards for a minimum fee of N1000. You may use this app on Android and iOS, and it’s one of the top digital bank apps in Nigeria.

Rubies Digital Bank

Like the other digital bank apps I’ve discussed above, Rubies Digital Bank is a free software that you’ll love using. However, what I like most about it is that you can have your own unique account number, which means you can choose how your account number will appear.

Debit cards are also available upon request, and when you use one to make purchases, no additional fees or VATs will be assessed. Because Rubies Digital Bank has excellent customer service, they will help you as soon as you need it.

FirstBank Digital Banking

FirstBank Digital Banking is the alternative technique you should use if you want to open an account with First Bank but don’t want to go through the standard procedure because it is quick and easy. The FirstBank Digital Banking app allows you to transfer and receive money as well as view account details, balances, and other information.

Additionally, FirstBank Digital Banking enables you to submit an application for a debit card without any hassle and allows you to make large deposits whenever you want. One of the top bank apps in Nigeria is FirstBank Digital Banking.


There is no nicer feeling than opening a bank account without having to use any documents; all you need is your BVN, and Sparkle makes it simple to do so. You may open a bank account with Sparkle in a matter of seconds. It’s among the best and extremely quick.

In addition to being one of the best digital banking apps, Sparkle is a fantastic investing software. You can invest and save money on Sparkle and receive a competitive interest rate when you need the money. There is no need to be concerned about Sparkle’s validity because it offers excellent customer service and is authorized by the CBN.

Conclusion (online bank apps):

You’ll find it really simple to have a bank account using these digital bank apps that I’ve listed, as well as to make payments, send and receive money in Nigeria, all without experiencing any worry.

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