October 3, 2022
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10 Best Lowest Fee Crypto Exchanges

Exchanges are vital tools that offer important cryptocurrency statistics, trading pairs, storage choices, and much more if you’re trying to purchase or sell any cryptocurrency. While you can purchase or sell cryptocurrency using a software wallet, increasing your portfolio can be greatly facilitated by opening an account with a reliable exchange. However, using an exchange can be expensive, so locating the most reasonably priced but reliable solutions is essential. Which cryptocurrency exchanges, then, charge the least for buying and selling?


Binance, the most well-liked exchange in the world, is a favorite among thousands of buyers and dealers of cryptocurrencies, and for good reason. Binance is not only accessible in more than 180 countries throughout the world, but its fees are also very reasonable.
With maker and taker fees as low as 0.1%, Binance makes buying and selling cryptocurrency accessible to everybody. Additionally, neither a staking fee nor fees for deposits or withdrawals are charged by Binance. Overall, it’s a good choice for everything crypto and won’t subject you to annoying fees on your gains or awards.


The American exchange Poloniex, founded in 2014 by Tristan D’Agosta, has climbed the ranks to rank among the top twenty cryptocurrency exchanges globally with a daily trading volume of over $160 million. Even though it is based in San Francisco, California, Poloniex can be utilized in a number of different countries, including the United Kingdom, France, Japan, and Canada.

There are many wonderful aspects of Poloniex. One of the best features of the platform is its low fees, which is complemented by the variety of supported coins, staking possibilities, and reward center. Poloniex now has a maker or taker fee of 0.125% but does not charge for deposits. As a result, you can buy and sell cryptocurrency on the platform without losing a sizable portion of your winnings or incurring hefty fees for purchases.


Kraken started as an American Bitcoin and Litecoin exchange and is currently ranked fourth in trading volume globally (as well as a platform for euro trades). It now supports a vast variety of cryptocurrencies, like Ethereum and Ave. Kraken is a leading exchange because it offers a large selection of trading pairs, staking coins, and funding alternatives, and because its buying and selling costs are low.

Currently, Kraken only levies maker fees of 0.16% and taker fees of 0.26%. Given that a taker will reduce liquidity from an exchange, which is the reverse of what the exchange wants to do in order to earn a profit, taker costs are frequently greater than maker fees. However, when compared to other exchange sites, this taker cost is relatively affordable.


Pionex was established in 2019, making it a relatively new cryptocurrency exchange. Its relative youth on the market hasn’t, however, prevented it from becoming into a significant global exchange. The variety of practical trading bots offered by Pionex, which enable users to trade assets, make automatic token investments, and more, is one of its most distinctive characteristics. But Pionex has more appealing qualities than only its bots.

The extremely cheap maker and taker costs associated with Pionex are another fantastic feature. Right now, both costs are just 0.05%, which is a lot less than many other well-known cryptocurrency exchanges. Pionex also doesn’t charge for deposits, but there is a set fee for withdrawals that varies based on the coin.


Israeli brokerage firm eToro, established in 2007, offers residents of 44 U.S. states a variety of trustworthy cryptocurrency exchanges among its other services (New York, Delaware, Hawaii, Minnesota, Nevada, and Tennessee residents cannot currently use the service). Users of eToro can purchase and sell a variety of cryptocurrencies, such as Stellar, Ethereum, and Bitcoin. For individuals who wish to use their cryptocurrency to generate passive income, it also provides some excellent staking alternatives.

What does eToro’s pricing look like now? eToro doesn’t impose any maker or taker fees. This does not imply that trading on eToro is totally cost-free, though. The platform levies a 0.75% spread fee, which is simply another way for exchanges to make money off of trades. Moving your money to or from the platform is also made much more enjoyable by eToro’s lack of deposit or withdrawal fees.


Bybit, a Singaporean cryptocurrency exchange that Ben Zhou founded in March 2018, has become one of the world’s markets with the quickest growth rates. Bybit has grown to be a very well-known platform with daily crypto trading volumes in just four years. What, then, makes Bybit a wonderful fee-wise choice?
In any case, Bybit’s total fees are excellent. Whether you’re buying or selling cryptocurrency, Bybit helps you avoid all sorts of unpleasant fees with a taker cost of just 0.075% and no maker fee. Furthermore, both deposits and withdrawals on Bybit are free to make. Therefore, Bybit is the exchange for you if you’re seeking for a crypto exchange with incredibly low costs across the board.


Another popular cryptocurrency exchange platform is CEX.io, which offers a number of incredible features like margin trading, staking, and its own official debit card. Users from the majority of nations on earth can access this exchange, which has more than four million users at this time. However, do the exchange’s fees reflect its usability and other beneficial features?

Thankfully, yes! 0.16% for makers and 0.25% for takers is what CEX.io charges. In addition, the platform charges 2.99% for deposits made using a VISA or Mastercard account and varies its withdrawal fees according on the destination of your funds.


With a daily trading volume of more than $4.2 billion and a list of more than 500 supported coins, KuCoin is now ranked as the fifth most popular cryptocurrency exchange in the world. Additionally, KuCoin has a number of options that you can use to expand your cryptocurrency portfolio, including lending, staking, and margin trading. Additionally, KuCoin’s fees are also quite reasonable.

The maker and taker costs for KuCoin are currently equal, sitting at a lovely 0.1% each. Additionally, KuCoin charges for withdrawals but does not charge for any type of deposit. Depending on the type of cryptocurrency you are moving, there are different fees associated with withdrawals. For instance, withdrawing Polkadot will cost you 0.1 DOT whereas withdrawing Bitcoin will cost you 0.0005 BTC. It is best to verify KuCoin’s fees in advance so you are aware of the costs you will face.


One of the major cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, FTX, originally known as Blockfolio, is ranked second globally to Coinbase. Because of its 300 supported coins, NFT marketplace, and advanced trading feature, FTX is a fantastic exchange. Additionally, these fantastic features come with some amazingly affordable costs.

One of the major cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, FTX, originally known as Blockfolio, is ranked second globally to Coinbase. Because of its 300 supported coins, NFT marketplace, and advanced trading feature, FTX is a fantastic exchange. Additionally, these fantastic features come with some amazingly affordable costs.
A maker fee of just 0.02% is charged by FTX, which is far less than what many other exchanges charge. Additionally, its taker fees—which are currently at just 0.07%—are incredibly inexpensive. Overall, using FTX assures that your fees remain minimal regardless of your individual trading activity because the platform doesn’t charge for withdrawals or deposits.


BlockFi is a trustworthy alternative for cryptocurrency trading even though it isn’t as popular as some of the other platforms mentioned here. Users can choose from a variety of fantastic goods offered by BlockFi, such as interest-bearing accounts, loans, and a credit card of their own. Additionally, BlockFi outperforms many other platforms in terms of fees.

This is so because there are no maker, taker, or spread fees with BlockFi. Additionally, there are no fees associated with making deposits into your BlockFi wallet in whatever amount. Additionally, you are only allowed one free withdrawal per month on the site; any extra withdrawals may entail fees that vary depending on the type of cryptocurrency you are moving. Overall, it’s an excellent option for low-cost trading.

What Is the Cheapest Crypto Exchange?

Unexpected costs can occasionally make the entire procedure laborious and annoying whether purchasing, selling, transferring, or carrying out any other type of action on cryptocurrency exchanges. So, if you want to avoid paying any unnecessary fees when using a cryptocurrency exchange, use one of the platforms mentioned above.

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